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Show Dad How Much you Care!

    Pamper Him!                                                            Dad’s De-stress
                    1 Hour Swedish Massage                                      1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage
                                     &                                                                                   &
                1 Hour Gentlemen’s Facial                                                1/2 Hour Reflexology
                               $150.00                                                                         $120.00
      Upgrade to Deep Tissue for just $10!
                      Muscle Meltdown                                                      The Tune-up
            1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage                                    1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage
                                    &                                                                             &
              Hot Stone Ultimate foot treatment                                   Steam Clean Facial
                                     (with grooming) 
                          $135.00                                                                         $165.00
                      Total Relaxation                                                      Dad’s Quick Fix
               1 Hour Sports Massage                                           ½ Hour Deep Tissue Massage
                                  &                                                              Mini Gentlemen’s Facial
                    ½ Hour Sinus Soother                                                            or
                        $120.00                                                                            $80.00
$10 off any 1 Hour Massage, Facial, or Reflexology
Gift Certificates are Available.. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Expires: 06/18/2017


Cannot be combined with any other offers, gift certificates not accepted.

(631) 331-7631
Gratuities Not Included
Recommended Gratuity 20% 

      Online Gift Certificates Can be Purchased 
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