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Nail Services

 Spa Manicure  indulge your hands in the best care.  This  treatment includes an aromatic soak, exfoliating scrub, hot towels, cuticle  conditioning and massage to hands and forearms.  Finished with a perfect  polish every time.
 30 min.  $25
 French  +$5

 Gel Polish Manicure/ Pedicure  - A lightweight gel  polish is applied to the natural nails with long lasting top coat for extra  shine. It is long lasting (7+ Days) & may be applied to fingers or toes.    Available in over 20 different shades. 
 Gel Polish Spa Mani $30
 Gel Polish Spa Pedi  $40
 French +$5
Gentleman's Manicure  - Our basic polish less manicure
 15 min.  $15

 Teen - Spa Manicure  cleaning, filing and polishing the  teen nail is premium care.  (up to age 16-please bring student ID)
 15 min.   $15
 French   +$3
 LED Gel Mani A lightweight gel applied to the natural nails is  cured in a LED light. It is long lasting (2 Weeks+) & may be applied to  fingers or toes.  Available in over 50 shades and pink & white, also  known as "forever French". 
 Gel Mani $35
 French    +$5

 Spa Pedicure  Our basic pedicure and a hydrating foot mask,  hot towels and an exfoliating foot scrub, then finish with polish of your  choice.  It will leave your feet pampered and loved.
 45 min.   $40
 French   +$5
 Peppermint - Spa Pedicure  Put the spring back in  your step!  It's time to cool energize and invigorate your tired feet with  the power of peppermint.  Includes peppermint soak, scrub and massage  with peppermint lotion which cleanses, exfoliates and leaves your skin  tingling and soft.
 60 min.   $50
 French   +$5

 Champagne & Roses Spa Pedicure  The  ultimate treatment!  Immerse your feet in a warm bath filled with fragrant  rose petals.  Your nails are then groomed to perfection, callouses and  cuticles are eliminated.  Legs are exfoliated, hydrated and massages with  a rich rose scented cream.  End this luxurious pedicure with pretty polish.
 60 min.  $50
 French  +$5

 Gentleman's Pedicure   - Our polish less  spa pedicure
 30 min.   $30
 Spa Teen Pedicure (up to 16-student ID)
 20 min.   $22
 French  +$3

 Callous Treatment  - Your feet are wrapped and treated with  an intensive callous eliminator gel.  Callouses are then buffed and filed  -  allowing for maximum callous removal followed by a  pleasant aromatic  soak and massage.Callouses occur due to  hyperkeratosis.  Hyperkeratosis: thickening of the skin because of  pressure. Callouses  can occur over bony prominence, on the heel or on  the ball of the foot.  A  callous appears as  yellow or dark brown discolored skin. 
 add to any pedicure  $20

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